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Process of the 1st visit

When you come to TrustHope Wellness Care first time, you will have to fill out the form thoroughly to save time for both of you and staffs at TrustHope Wellness Care. When you complete filling out the form, you will have consultation that includes history taking, physical examination, X-ray, and report of findings.

History taking

  • Your assigned doctor will ask you some questions to learn about you and conditions. 80% of diagnosis will come out of this stage when it’s done properly.

Physical examination

  • Your assigned doctor will do all kinds of tests as necessary. It mainly comprises neuro exam, orthopedic tests, Range of Motions, and Palpation (therapeutic touch to feel the texture) etc. During physical examination, the doctor will know more accurately about your condition.


  • There are two main reasons to take X-rays for chiropractors. The first reason is to find bone pathologies such as fracture, tumor, arthritis (or degenerative changes), and bone deformity (both congenital and acquired). Another reason to take X-ray is to find subluxation and see exact contour of your spine. With the second reason, we can tell you how healthy your spine is.

ROF (Report of Findings)

  • Your assigned doctor will put all the information together from history taking, physical exam, and X-rays and explain to you what all about was. During report of findings, the doctor will also go over the treatment plan based on findings and costs if you don’t have insurance. Depending on how long it takes, you may or may not have report of findings on the first visit.


  • After ROF you will have treatments accordingly. You may or may not have treatment on the first visit. Many chiropractic offices split into two days for examination and the first treatment. However, TrustHope Wellness Care goes by situation. Obviously, if schedule works you will get everything on the first day. If not, you will get the first treatment on the second visit.
Monday 8:45am - 6:45pm
Tuesday 8:45am - 6:45pm
Wednesday 8:45am - 6:45pm
Thursday 8:45am - 6:45pm
Friday 8:45am - 6:45pm
Saturday 8:45am - 12:30pm
Sunday Closed

*Hours may change occasionally due to upcoming seminars for doctors and vacation. Please make sure that you call the office to confirm. Thank you.

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