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The way Dr. Seung-Hyun Jung who is the owner of TrustHope Wellness Care approaches to his patients is very simple and clear. When people come see him with a problem, he wants to provide a solution to it so the problem gets resolved. People come with various types of musculoskeletal conditions like neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, arms/legs pain, hip pain, shoulder pain etc. and Dr. Jung merely does his best to treat them well. He uses different types of treatment protocols including chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue mobilization techniques, acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, and physiotherapy modalities. He is willing to do whatever it takes. Then, people get better with his treatments and everything is good.

However, people can still come see Dr. Jung without feeling pain. Bodily pain shouldn’t be the only reason for people to see a chiropractor. The relationship between your spine health and overall your health is very closely connected. In fact, you need chiropractic adjustment of your spine not because you have back pain but there is subluxation (loss of proper motion or position of a vertebral joint that may affect proper nerve function) in your spine.

The logic is that the body is a self-regulating and self-healing organism. The nervous system is the master system that regulates and controls all other organs and tissues and relates the individual to his or her environment. Spinal biomechanical dysfunction in the form of vertebral subluxation complex may adversely affect the nervous system’s ability to regulate function. That is the main reason why chiropractors deliver the adjustment to one’s spine to correct, manage, or minimize the vertebral subluxation. Then, your brain can communicate with the rest of your body without any interference and everything should be functioning properly. Interestingly, this concept is very similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine Qi (energy and life force) theory. They talk about twelve primary meridians where the Qi flows through.

In the end, if you come see Dr. Jung with pain in your body such as neck and low back pain, you will get better with what he does. And yet, you can still come see him without having any particular pain in your body. You will still experience the improvement of your health with the adjustment of the spine because your nervous system is functioning better and your body will be more balanced when the spine is aligned. Many people think that they are okay because they have no in their body but it’s not enough. You deserve more than that. There is no limit of optimal health. You always have room to improve of your health and taking care of your spine is the first step. Of course, getting adjustment is not all you need. You still need to eat better, exercise better, and sleep better etc. More things are required to gain the optimal health. The adjustment of the spine is one of many, yet very important for your health.

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