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Dr. Seung-Hyun Jung who’s the owner of TrustHope Wellness Care has met countless people over the course of many years, especially at earlier stages of his career, in forms of spinal screenings and community marketing. Actually many people became his patients throughout these activities and, it was the only reason why he could survive in this jungle-like environment. Now, very fortunately and gratefully, he doesn’t have to do much of this kind of activity anymore.

However, Dr. Jung also has encountered many people who had negative thoughts about chiropractic. They had told him about bad experiences from some other chiropractors out there. It was mainly about two things: a bad business model and incompetence of those chiropractors. In Dr. Jung’s opinion, the business model wouldn’t matter much as long as you get better. In the end, it’s all about whether you get better or not. When you get better, everything is right and vice versa.

Dr. Jung really likes the idea of processing a diamond. Somewhat it resembles to his situation as a chiropractor. Probably, this concept may apply to all professions. You have a great potential but you are not there yet. It corresponds to a gemstone for the diamond. You experience and practice very hard over time to get better. You get sharpened up and molded by people and life. You become more solid, a denser person. Then, you will shine the most out of all jewelry ultimately. The most valuable person may you be. It all depends how you live your life. How strong you hold your passion in your heart. It’s not about getting rich. It’s all about being good at what you do. The more it gets processed, the more it gets value.

It speaks for itself when it works but it takes time. One day, he will get to the point where there are more people than he can handle. No worries about new patients and everything. It runs by itself like stars circulating in orbits. What a great situation it is! But then, is it really possible? If there is any possibility to get there, what could it be the method for it? The more he thinks about it, the more he realizes that there is only one answer. It just gotta be good. That’s it. Meet their needs or expectation surely.

There are things that Dr. Jung can do as a chiropractor and there are things that he just can’t. That’s why he wants to know if he can even help you or not first throughout the very thorough examination. When it’s confirmed that he can help you, he will combine treatments with chiropractic adjustment, various soft tissue techniques, therapeutic exercises, acupuncture, and some physiotherapy modalities. He will come up with the best treatment options with using those protocols. When everything’s good, you will get better. At least, Dr. Jung doesn’t do things that he’s not confident with. He will tell you things honestly. He know what he’s doing. He has great hands and mentality. What else could it be extra? Come to TrustHope Wellness Care.

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