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What is it and how can it help you?

There are meridians in your body which are channels of Qi (the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine according [powered by oxford dictionary]) flow with certain patterns and, when the flow gets interrupted by blockage or obstruction, all kinds of problems may arise. Therefore, the fundamental principle of acupuncture treatment in Elgin is all about restoring the normal Qi flow and ultimately balancing Yin and Yang in your body by putting needles on certain points that may either tonify or sedate the Qi movement although there are many different theories, techniques, and approaches of needling.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective of diseases is little different from Western medicine where all the diseases are occurring as a result of collapsing of the balance or accordance of Yin and Yang and five elements so the approach of TCM is very holistic rather than specific. In this case, it’s possible to say that TCM can treat almost all the problems existing in your body by manipulating Qi flow and balancing Yin and Yang eventually. Basically, when all things are working right, all the problems should be flushed out. In Chinese medicine, there is no such a diagnosis like sciatica, neck pain, migraine, and low back pain etc. For example, if you suffer from low back pain, the diagnosis will be like Kidney Qi deficiency, thus, acupuncturists will put acupuncture needles on the points where it is related to Kidney Qi. Then, your low back pain will go away as Kidney Qi restores to proper function. This is how it works in acupuncture. Of course, the reality is more complicated than this.

Anyway, nevertheless, acupuncture works really well for conditions like headaches, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, allergies, digestive problems, and depression etc. As a matter of fact, interestingly enough, many conditions of people who look for acupuncture treatment overlap with conditions that chiropractors treat on daily basis. That’s why many chiropractors do acupuncture like Dr. Jung. Literally, chiropractic and acupuncture are the best combination. They are very synergistic.  Please consider TrustHope Wellness Care in Elgin for your acupuncture and chiropractic care.

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