Therapeutic Exercises

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 “Any exercise planned and performed to attain a specific physical benefit, such as maintenance of the range of motion, strengthening of weakened muscles, increased joint flexibility, or improved cardiovascular and respiratory function.”

- Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 9th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

Definition stating above explains everything about the therapeutic exercise. Basically, it’s not the exercise that you would do it at the regular gym for your general health and muscle development. It is more specific and targets isolated structures with distinctive therapeutic purpose. The ultimate goal at TrustHope Wellness Care in Elgin is to achieve throughout those exercises is to restore the normal functions of your body so you can move around without problems.

A good example can be the exercise for upper cross syndrome (please look up the google). Many people who have upper cross syndrome suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain. It needs to get fixed. Then, how? The patient will do rhomboid muscle strengthening along with neck retraction exercise. Of course, there are more to do it. Another good example can be core rehab exercises. You may have weak core of your body, thus, destabilizing your low back region. You will get some relief from low back pain by having stronger core muscles and there are very specific ways of doing it. It’s very synergistic with soft tissue treatment. In many cases, it goes together with soft tissue treatments. Sometimes, exercise itself is soft tissue treatment and vice versa.

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