Payment Options


Most health insurances (PPOs) are accepted by TrustHope Wellness Care.  However, governmental insurance (Public aid) is not covered for chiropractic care.  It’s very important to know your own policy.  For example, if you have a policy that has high deductibles you will not have great benefits of using insurance.  Sometimes, the policy doesn’t have good coverage for chiropractic care.  It all depends on what you have.  We can always verify your policy when you give us the information.

No Insurance

TrustHope Wellness Care accepts cash patients.  There’s no discrimination between insurance policy holders and cash patients.  TrustHope Wellness Care will make all the payments as affordable as possible.  Don’t worry too much.  Just visit us!

Personal Injury (Auto-Accident) Cases & Workers’ Compensation Cases

When you have a proper claim number that TrustHope Wellness Care can access, you don’t need to pay for your medical bill upfront.  Most of the time, insurance company will take care of it.  You just need to bring all the related information such as a police report and claim numbers.  If you do have an attorney, bring his or her information, too.  We will process through the LIEN.

Package Deal

TrustHope Wellness Care fundamentally don’t believe in having package deals.  However, when patients need to come many times due to the nature of severe conditions, we do offer a package type of deal to help those patients.  Some people like it better because it saves money but, some people don’t.  It’s all up to the patients.


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