What Is Adjustment?

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Chiropractors do many different things. However, the core service that chiropractors render is chiropractic adjustment. In fact, that’s what most people connect with when they think about chiropractic. However, unfortunately, many people think that the adjustment is all about simply popping the joints and hearing the cracking sounds. It’s not true. For example, there are people who crack their own back. Then, do they adjust themselves? No, they don’t and it’s not an adjustment. Chiropractors adjust one’s spine because there is subluxation (any loss of proper motion or position of your vertebral joints that may affect proper nerve function), not to simply hear the cranking sound for nothing.

Chiropractors assess your spine very thoroughly to find subluxation. When the subluxation is identified, they will deliver the adjustment. During the course of the adjustment, the doctor puts you in the appropriate position on the chiropractic table specifically designed for it. Having proper positions for both the doctor and patient is very important. Then, the precise contact on the very specific segment of your spine where there is subluxation will be made. After all, the chiropractor will thrust with controlled force along the joint plane line accordingly. Now, your spine has been adjusted.

Subluxation is detrimental to your health. It’s the whole idea of getting the adjustment. Most people expect some pain relief from it. Yes, pain level will go down. However, treating subluxation brings bigger results and more benefits than just pain relief. Your spine will be more balanced by restoring the lost function of the joint. Not only you will get better biomechanical movement but also you will have better nervous system functioning, thus, your brain communicates with the rest of your body better. Relieving pain is only a part of overall better balance.

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