Who Needs Chiropractic Care?

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Based on the premise that you understand the word “Subluxation”, I want to discuss about why and who needs chiropractic care.

Essentially everyone needs chiropractic care. When you really think about the main job of chiropractors, it makes total sense. Chiropractors’main duty is to remove Subluxation —the alteration of the normal dynamic, anatomic, or physiologic relationships of contiguous articular structures. Basically subluxation means any dysfunctional state of spinal joints. Therefore, anyone with Subluxation should come to the office to remove it.

However, let’s face reality. People don’t want to come to the chiropractic office unless they feel like they need it. Usually they ‘feel like’ they need it when they’re in pain or discomfort. Thus, I want to suggest realistic situations that may apply to you in practical manner.

You should come to the office when…

  1. You have pain longer than a week.
  2. You thought pain would go away naturally but it didn’t.
  3. You feel like frequency and duration of pain and discomfort increased.
  4. You feel like your body has twisted or have feeling of twist of your body.
  5. You have things going on for long period of time even though it didn’t bother you much.

The most importantly, if you suffer from any type of pain and discomfort you should come to the office to get spine checkupalong with physical examination, thus you can start the care. Because Central Nervous System controls every simple cell of yourbody and it related to the position of spine, getting spine checkup is very important. Ruling in and out any spine related conditions/dis-order/dis-ease is the number one thing you want to do.

Chiropractic First!
When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Spine ?

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