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First of all, Dr. Jung spends enough time with his patients. He listens to his patients very carefully. TrustHope Wellness Care is not a high volume fast paced chiropractic clinic like some others. This is the clinic where people get comfortable and relaxed with treatments. There is NO such a time pressed situation for both doctors and patients. Dr. Jung believes that when patients don’t get comfortable with everything, that’s the end of the story.

Dr. Jung specialized in National Diversified Technique, the most popular and effective form of chiropractic adjustment techniques. Furthermore, Dr. Jung spends tremendous amount of time for muscle work. By combining together with the best adjustment performance and high leveled soft tissue manual therapy, people get the best results.

Dr. Jung strongly believes the power of an adjustment. However, in many cases, he found that adjustment alone was not enough. Dr. Jung realized that a chiropractic adjustment can become the most powerful method to resolve musculoskeletal problems when it’s combined with soft tissue (muscle) work. That’s why Dr. Jung spends so much time for soft tissue manual therapy and, many of his patients found it very beneficial for their health condition.

Monday8:45am - 6:45pm
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Friday8:45am - 6:45pm
Saturday8:45am - 12:30pm

*Hours may change occasionally due to upcoming seminars for doctors and vacation. Please make sure that you call the office to confirm. Thank you.

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