3 Phases of Chiropractic Care at TrustHope Wellness Care

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  1. Feeling better stage: This type of care is known as ‘sick care’. Literally, you come to the office because you have pain and discomfort in your body. You simply want to get out of those states of the conditions. Chiropractors do great job on it but it’s not the best usage of chiropractic care because chiropractic is fundamentally wellness care, not sick care. All you’re looking for is just feeling better.
  2. Getting better stage: Feeling better and getting better are totally different concept. You can feel better without getting actually better. Usually you feel better sooner than get better and you may think you got better simply because you feel less pain and discomfort. However, it takes more time than you think. Without actually getting better, problems can come back anytime sooner than you expect.
  3. I’m better stage: This type of care is known as corrective care. It’s a true wellness care. We find exact causes of the problem and fix it. Once you restore lost functions, you also want to maintain what you’ve achieved. Research shows that it takes up to intensive 6 months to change subluxation or movement patterns. When you think about dental braces, it’s not surprising at all. Once you achieve proper movement patterns you want to keep that way.
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*Hours may change occasionally due to upcoming seminars for doctors and vacation. Please make sure that you call the office to confirm. Thank you.

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